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boarding section: $200,000

Building a boarding section would help our students stay focused and increase the diversity of our school. With a boarding section, students don't have to walk long distances each day, and ethnic groups from faraway communities will be able to attend our school. 

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SCHOOL BUS: $15,000

Most of our students walk 45 minutes to get to school each day. Because of these long distances, some of our students arrive late, and others who live even further away simply cannot attend school. Having a school bus will allow us to accommodate these students, and will also enable us to have field trips. 

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We want to keep our girls in school, and empower them to be future leaders. We aim to provide all of our female students with reusable sanitary pad kits and feminine hygiene education. This project will go towards providing these services to incoming female students at Greenbelt Academy. 


These are just a few examples of projects you or your organization can sponsor or co-sponsor. We have a range of projects from small to large that you may be interested in.

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