Meet Our Students

Nyandit Achiek.JPG

Nyandit: Female, 17 years old

My uncle is the one taking care of me since my parents died when I was young. Education is now the most important thing for me. I thank God for everything he is planning for me. That is why I have got a scholarship. I will make sure I will not let you down. I will do my best.

Kuol Matiop 2.JPG

Kuol: Male, 14 years old

I live with my mother, and she grows vegetables in order to pay for my school fees. I like playing soccer in school. I want to be a president of South Sudan and a great soccer player when I grow up. I will try my best in school because education is the key of life. 

Aluel Anyieth.JPG

Aluel: Female, 16 years old

My favorite subjects are Science, English and Social Studies. I want to be a doctor when I grow up. I will help our country by serving all people equally. I will help poor people by treating them freely without taking any money. I will be kind to everybody in our country.

Nhial Mayak 2.JPG

Nhial: Male, 15 years old

I want to be a pilot when I grow up. I also want to travel and see all the continents of the world. My favorite subjects in school are English and Christianity. I like playing soccer in school. My promise is to serve my country South Sudan with what I have in my future.

Ayen: Female, 16 years old

I want to be a nurse when I grow up. This is because I am optimistic that I can help my fellow South Sudanese who have suffered for so long without qualified nurses. As a nurse, I will provide life-saving services to my country.

Achol Ayeun 2.JPG

Achol: Female, 16 years old

I live with mother, relatives and a friend. My favorite subjects are Mathematics, English, Science and Christianity. I like playing skipping rope. I aspire to be a teacher because I want to give knowledge to the future generations of South Sudanese.