Our first school
opened in
February 2017.

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Greenbelt Academy


Greenbelt Academy is located in Bor, Jonglei State. Our school currently serves 240 students, including 70 female students, from Grades 9-10. We have 12 teachers and 10 non-teaching staff. Our school uses the South Sudanese School Curriculum and teaches Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, English, Geography, History, Accounting, Commerce, English, Christianity and Agriculture. Due to the ongoing famine in parts of South Sudan, our school provides lunch daily in order to help our students stay healthy.


Our school consists of four classrooms, a computer lab, an administrative office and a soccer field. We are currently planning the second phase of construction.


What makes our school unique?

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Education for girls

Females have a 16 percent literacy rate in South Sudan, in comparison to the 40 percent male literacy rate. Child marriage is a major reason why girls stop attending school; some feel pressured to leave school, while others are unable to get financial support from their families. At our school, we have a scholarship program for female students, and provide sanitary pads to reduce school absences. You can sponsor a girl here

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Peacebuilding curriculum

We are one of the only schools in South Sudan that focus on helping students develop peacebuilding skills. We have worked with faculty and students at the University of Notre Dame to develop a peacebuilding curriculum for our students. This curriculum focuses on teaching students mediation and negotiation skills, and on instilling in our students a commitment to peace and equality. 

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privately run

In South Sudan, public schools often face the problem of teacher absenteeism (where teachers are chronically absent from school) because the government delays payment of teacher wages. We run Greenbelt Academy privately so we can personally ensure that our teachers are paid on time each month. We also offer a competitive salary to our teachers to maintain the quality of our education. 

Greenbelt Academy seeks to educate a generation of peacemakers and transformational leaders.
— Greenbelt Academy's Mission Statement
 Female student giving speech in the opening ceremony.

Female student giving speech in the opening ceremony.

 Students walking to school in the morning.

Students walking to school in the morning.

 Female and male students enjoying school lunch.

Female and male students enjoying school lunch.

 Female student taking notes in class.

Female student taking notes in class.

 Female student volunteering in class.

Female student volunteering in class.

 Students during Student Government elections.

Students during Student Government elections.

School Timeline

Summer 2015

Feasibility study

Majak travelled to Bor in order to conduct a feasibility study. There, he met with primary school students, local government and community members to understand the needs of the community.

February 2016

School construction

Local contractors began constructing Greenbelt Academy in Bor, South Sudan. The school was constructed on a plot of land provided by the local community.

Summer 2016

hiring school staff

Majak hired local staff and leadership for Greenbelt Academy. By the end of the summer, Majak had hired 5 core members of staff. 

February 2017

school opening

Greenbelt Academy officially opened to 240 students on February 6, 2017. Soon after, we hired several other teaching staff in order to accommodate the large number of students.

Ongoing Projects

What We Are Working On

  • Completing the installation of solar panels to provide electricity to classrooms
  • Building water and sanitation facilities, additional classrooms and a boarding section

Meet Our

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Ajah Bior 2 (1).JPG

ajah: Female, 16 years old

When I grow up, I want to be a doctor. Being a doctor will allow me to have a positive role in my community and in the development of my country. I will struggle for the better future and have a positive role in the development of this great nation. 

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alier: male, 15 years old

My favorite subjects are science and mathematics. In the future, I want to become a doctor in order to help so many South Sudanese who are dying due to lack of medical doctors. I also want to stand against ethnic segregation in my country.

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Mary: Female, 15 years old

When I grow up, I want to be a doctor because I want to save people who are suffering from several diseases in my country. What I want to change in my community is discrimination where people separate themselves from others. I also want to build schools for the children who are staying in the community. 

Ghai Jangthok.JPG

Ghai: Male, 16 years old

I lost both my parents so I live with my friend and sister in Bor, South Sudan. I like playing soccer. When I grow up, I want to be a farmer because I want to prevent food insecurity in my country. I also want to fight against tribalism in my country. My favorite subjects are Science, English and Mathematics.