Education Bridge Scholarship Program

The purpose of Education Bridge Scholarship is to identify and support exceptional students who would otherwise have limited access to education. These comprise of girls whose education is culturally disfavored and students from disadvantaged families including orphans. Most of our our scholars have gone through a lot of hardships to receive grade 8th education yet they still stand out academically among their peers. 

Our scholars are selected through a collaborative process with partner schools. The schools recommend students based on the above mentioned criterion. After the recommendations, candidates are interviewed and if found suitable, their guardians are invited for interviews. By accepting these scholarships, girls' parents are obliged to hold off marriage arrangements for upto four years of their daughter's education. This policy protects girls from child marriage and increase their chance of finishing secondary school.

Education Bridge Peacebuilding Program

South Sudan has been at war for many decades. These include religious civil wars as well as chronic ethnic conflicts. As a result of all theses conflicts, violence has become a norm for many youth. A recent survey my MercyCorps showed that 88% of surveyed student in the country think violence is acceptable. It is paramount that this culture of violence be challenged if South Sudan is to achieved sustainable peace. Our seminars seek to introduce South Sudanese youths to alternative peaceful ways of solving conflicts. Education Bridge non-violent conflict resolution curriculum was developed through a consultative effort of six students at the University of Notre Dame, USA. Over a period of three months, these students researched best practices in conflict resolution, met with different professors at KROC Peace Institute as well as people with first hand knowledge of conflict in South Sudan, two of which were South Sudanese. We hope the ideas gain through the seminar help participants form new outlooks: That of peace; That of tolerance and cultural understanding. These we believe are prerequisites for any sustainable development in South Sudan.

“The youth of a nation are the trustees of posterity.”
— Benjamin Disraeli