Education Bridge Scholarship Program

One of the best ways you can support our school is by sponsoring a student. It costs $500 to sponsor a student per year. This covers tuitions and lunch for an entire academic year. Sponsorships allow many students who will otherwise be unable to attend to receive the educational opportunity every child deserve. These students include girls and others whose families can't afford education.

Our scholarship program is need-based, though we do due diligence to find people who have shown commitment to educational excellence. When we offer girls scholarships, we meet with parents to access their commitment to education. We only award scholarships to girls whose parents have agreed to not engage in marriage arrangements within the four (4) years duration of secondary school. Child marriage is the primary reason for why only 16% of women in South Sudan are literate.

Through your sponsorship, you help us provide quality education to more young people in South Sudan. You are helping us educate a generation of peacemakers and transformation leaders.

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