Our Story

In 2005, Majak left his family in South Sudan to go pursue educational opportunities in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya. By then, the war in Sudan had destroyed most educational infrastructures in the country. Majak received most of his education in the camp, where he did very well and eventually secured a scholarship to African Leadership Academy, South Africa. 

When Majak returned to his country in 2013 to spend a summer before heading to USA for college, he was brought face to face with the struggle of his home country. Of all these struggles, education stood out. Just like he had left it eight years earlier, educational opportunities were still scarce. Conflict on the other hand was rampant and chronic. It was then that the idea of Education Bridge was born. Majak returned in 2014 as South Sudan was descending into a civil war to start his work. With more than 1.7 million children in need of emergency education, education couldn't wait any longer.

Majak currently goes to the University of Notre Dame, USA. He plans to move back after his Studies to continue the work of development through Education Bridge. You can read more of Majak's Story below. 

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